Graphic Elements

Updated: April 29 2017

The University of Arizona brand has a variety of graphic tools that create a unique look and make us instantly recognizable. When they’re used consistently, these elements create continuity among families of materials. Each of these elements can be used on its own or in conjunction with others. 

Note: Our graphic elements are organized into two categories based on design experience. Elements within the All Users category require minimal to moderate design knowledge, whereas those in our Professional Users category require significant design and composition experience. Use the category of elements that best fits your skill level. If you can not see all of the graphic elements, please request access here.


Elements that any communicator can use, regardless of software.



Elements for graphic designers with design software. 



Triangle Container

The triangle shape plays a large role in the UA brand and serves many functions. Its predominant function is that of a container to hold content such as page numbers (as in this document), tidbits of information, or even the university logo. When placing the logo in the triangle container, never use the horizontal version. 

When using this element in conjunction with the boundless edge, the triangle should always be pointing in the direction of the bleed, as if it’s helping push the image beyond the page. 



Word Templates

Digital Elements

UA Bootstrap form elementFor the styling of tables, forms, buttons, and more, please refer to UA Bootstrap.