Presidential Seal

The University of Arizona Seal is reserved for ceremonies and formal uses such as diplomas and official documents.

Please review the options available for request. The Executive Office of the President and University Relations team will be glad to help you select the right logo or mark for your event or communication. To request UA Seal artwork, fill out the Special Request Form and submit online. Please contact with any questions.

The University of Arizona Seal is a registered trademark of the Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of the University of Arizona.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do use the Special Request Form to request use of the Presidential Seal
  • Do use the Seal exactly as it is delivered to you
  • Do remember to include the registered mark ®
  • Do use the Seal for the requested purpose only
  • Do not use the Seal without express permission for every use
  • Don’t incorporate the Seal artwork inside any other logo or mark. It should always stand alone
  • Don’t use the Seal artwork without case-by-case approval from the Executive Office of the President


The basis of our official seal was the outcome of a visit by the seventh UA President, Rufus von KleinSmid, to a Benedictine abbey in the hills of southern Indiana in 1914. With a few alterations on the original design by the abbey’s librarian and scholar, the official University of Arizona Seal was adopted by the Board of Regents on April 9, 1915. With minor variations, that seal is still used today.


The sun in the center is meant to symbolize both enlightenment through learning and the Southwestern sun. The cross in the center is a historical reference to the church fathers who first introduced education to Arizona. The word “sursum” is Latin for “upward” The word “sigillum” is Latin for “seal”. The key directly beneath the cross indicates the University’s role in unlocking the realms of knowledge.

Because the UA is a super land-grant university, our seal includes the miner’s pick, symbolizing the application of scientific principles of the state’s mining industries, and the plow, symbolizing the application of science to Arizona’s agricultural enterprises. The lower half of the inner circle contains a philosophy book supporting a history book upon which rests the Greek lamp of learning. The words “Established in 1885” were added in 1922 and shortened to “1885” in the early 1980’s.

Colors and Reproduction

The University of Arizona Seal can be used in all the following colors as noted:

UA Red and Arizona Blue (preferred): for 2-color prints, electronic, and foil

UA Seal in UA Red and Arizona Blue

Arizona Blue: for 1-color prints and foil

UA Seal in Arizona Blue

Silver, Gold, and Copper metallic: for foil and metallic inks

UA Seal in metallic silver UA Seal in metallic gold UA Seal in Copper

Positive and negative etching: for etching on metal and on glass

UA Seal in black for etching on metal UA Seal in reverse for etching on glass

Request Seal

An Embossing Stamp is available for embossing UA seals on official documents and certificates. Use of the Embossing Stamp is coordinated by the Executive Office of the President. Please fill out the Special Request Form with the desired version of the Seal.