Social Media

Updated: July 28 2016

Profile Images

Take advantage of the social media platforms’ most used and powerful feature: the news feed. This is where 99% of audiences see your posts so your profile image should be simple, clear, and recognizable at this size. In addition, your profile name should be search-friendly.

We have created a library of “Block A” social profile images for download. These are formatted for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr. They are categorized by color: UA Red, Arizona Blue, White, and Light River. 

Here is how the before and after might appear in a user’s news feed:

Remember, these images are permanently tied to your profile name on all social platforms, so your name does not need to be in the image itself. For help adjusting your feed’s description, contact

Facebook App Icons

Facebook lets you add certain app icons to your page. These are the icons that link to other social media sites or email subscription sign-up. 


We have created a library of Facebook app icons for download in UA Red and Arizona Blue:

Post on the UA Social Media Accounts

Do you have a post you think is differentiating, compelling, and reinforces our UA brand key messages and values? We want to hear from you and may repost on the UA’s main social media feeds.

Submit your requests at least five days in advance through the form link below. Every submission requires a link, preferably to a site on All Twitter requests require a .GIF, .JPG, or a .PNG image (440 x 220) and video files are required for Facebook. All requests are subject to approval.

Request Form